How do I turn on subtitles?

Turning on subtitles varies slightly depending on how you are watching videos. Note that subtitles may not be available on all videos so if you don't see the options described below, it's because there are no subtitles available for that video. Conversely, if you see subtitles and do not have the option to turn them off, that's because they are part of the video itself and cannot be disabled.

Computer / Desktop Browser

If subtitles are available, you can select the CC icon in the lower right corner of the player and choose a language:

If you have captions or subtitles enabled as a viewer, you can access the Customize menu within CC settings to edit font size, font color, font edge styling, background color, and background opacity. To edit the caption and subtitle appearance, first, click the [CC] button below the player and then select Customize. The Font, Background, and Window menus each contain customizable settings. Make sure you have captions/subtitles turned on to see the changes as you make them. You may also choose to Reset customizations to revert the subtitles or captions to the classic presentation.

iOS & Android App

If subtitles are available, you can tap the subtitles icon on the bottom right corner of the player and select the language of choice:


  1. Load the video.
  2. Swipe down on the touch surface on your remote.
  3. If available, the subtitle option will appear and a list of the subtitles available will appear below it.
  4. Select the subtitle option.


  1. Press the Home button on Roku remote.
  2. Scroll to the Settings option and select it.
  3. Scroll to the Accessibility option and select it.
  4. Select Captions Mode and select your preferred subtitle mode.

Amazon Fire Devices

  1. Select a video to watch and start playback.
  2. Press the Menu option.
  3. Select Turn Subtitles On.
  4. Press Menu again to go back to the video.

Tizen app/Xbox

1. Open the video and press the Up button on the remote's directional pad to reveal the menu.
2. Select On and then choose among the available languages, if any. 
3. Press the back button to return to the video.

Users can also select caption styles from the app's Settings.

Download subtitles

If you’ve purchased a video that is available for download from the web, you may also be able to download the subtitles file.

  1. Visit the video page via  the Browse page.
  2. Open the Subtitle Downloads dropdown menu.

  3. Select which language you want to download and the SRT will begin downloading to your computer.
  4. You can then use a video player to playback the subtitle file with the downloaded video file.