I subscribed via the mobile app but I still can't access the content

Sometimes when you sign up on the iOS or Android app, it won't recognize you as a subscriber right away. If this is happening for you, please try the following steps to connect it to your app subscription:

If you are not able to log in to your app after you’ve subscribed, proceed with the following:

  • Make sure you are logged out of any account within the app.
  • On the main sign-in screen, tap the "Restore iTunes subscription" or “Link to an existing iTunes subscription" option in the iOS app, or "Link your existing Google Play subscription" for Android. It will appear at the very bottom of the screen. 

Note: Do not attempt to log in; you need to be signed out for these steps to work.

If you are able to log in but aren’t able to access any content (i.e. the videos do not play, or you’re seeing a lock symbol on the videos):

  • Log in to your account within the app.
  • On the bottom right of your app, tap the Profile tab. 
  • Under Subscription Settings, tap on the “Subscribe To” link
  • On the screen that slides up with our plans, tap on Restore Purchase at the bottom

  • If you do not see a success indicator after going through these steps, please contact support.