Troubleshooting a skipping or lagging video

Here's a list of solutions for various devices that should help fix playback issues.

Any device:

  • Make sure you have a fast and stable internet connection. The following table shows the minimum speeds required for each playback quality: 
    Quality Required Minimum Bandwidth
    240p 500 kbps
    360p 1 Mbps
    720p 3 Mbps
    1080p 7 Mbps
    2K 12 Mbps
    4K & up 22 Mbps


  • Try clearing your browser's cache and restarting it. Please also make sure you are using the latest, up to date version of a supported browser:
  • Browser Operating System Version
    Google Chrome OSX, Windows, Android 69+ 
    Mozilla Firefox OSX, Windows 58+
    Safari OSX, iOS 10+
    Microsoft Edge Windows 15+
    Samsung Internet Android 5+
  • Make sure you're on a fast, reliable internet connection. When a video plays in lower than expected quality, it’s likely because your Internet speed (bandwidth) or computer processing speed cannot support higher quality playback
  • If you can, try switching to a different internet or data connection.
  • Manually switch the quality of the video playback to a lower quality.
  • Try browsing in an Incognito or private browsing window. This will disable your extensions and clear your cache and cookies, which often improves performance.
  • If you have any internet filtering devices for your home (such as Disney Circle or Net Nanny), please turn these off as they can interfere with video playback or connectivity. Once done, close and re-open your browser and try visiting our website again.
  • If you have any other devices to try, sometimes that makes a difference.

Apps: iOS (iPhone & iPad), Apple TV, Android, Roku

  • Logout of the app and log back in.
  • Close the app, and turn off the Wi-Fi on your device. Turn Wi-Fi back on and open the app.
  • Restart your device and open the app.
  • Check if there is an update for the app
  • Try uninstalling the app entirely and downloading it again
  • Also, if you have any internet filtering devices for your home (such as Disney Circle or Net Nanny), please turn these off as they can cause issues with video playback or connectivity.


  • Make sure your device and Chromecast are on the same wifi network.
  • Make sure you have a fast and stable internet connection with a download speed of at least 500kbps.
  • Unplug Chromecast and plug back in.
  • Restart your wireless router or modem.
  • Note: At this time, we do not support Chromecast devices that some TVs have built-in. While it may work, our player is not developed to support this and we cannot troubleshoot any issues that may arise.