How do I buy a gift of a subscription?

You can gift your favorite subscription networks to others. Your gift never expires, provided that the content remains available for purchase. Here how to buy a gift subscription.

  • Head to the checkout page of the subscription network.
  • On the left side, open the Gift this subscription drop-down menu and select how much time of the subscription you wish to gift.
  • On the right side, enter your email, your recipient's email, a gift message, and the delivery date.
  • Enter your payment information.
  • Click Complete purchase at the bottom.

If you already have a subscription and are logged in, you can also find a link to purchase a gift from your billing settings.

Please note that when you gift a subscription, it's not possible to apply a promo code. Free trial periods are also not included.

Gifts can be given to new or existing subscribers. If the gift recipient has an active subscription to your site, when the recipient redeems the gift, they will have free access for the duration of their gift. When the gift duration expires, their paid subscription will automatically start billing them again on their typical recurring frequency (ie. monthly or annually).